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Project Director

Require Amount: Job Type: Project management Date: 2019-11-14 17:58
description of job: 

1. Responsible for the research and development of company projects and products, decomposing and dividing tasks, controlling and controlling key nodes, supervising the implementation process, and being responsible for the R&D process and results.

2. Participate in product development projects from feasibility demonstration, project development, to delivery to production or registration.

3. Responsible for the management of the program development process, responsible for the collection and summary of the literature, analysis and selection of technical routes, design and improvement of the program.

4. Track industry technology trends, grasp the development trends of new bioinformatics and computer science new technologies and methods at home and abroad, and conduct technical demonstrations and discussions in a timely manner to maintain the advanced nature of the company's bioinformatics.

job requirements:

1. Associate professor or above in animal husbandry and veterinary, biology, pharmacy, food science biology, medical examination, Chinese medicine and other related majors.

2. National and provincial talents and researchers with overseas research experience are preferred.

3. Have senior professional titles, have published patents or have experience in research project design and related article publishing.

4. Part-time or full-time.

Working hours: 5 days and 8 hours working, double break, the company provides accommodation subsidies.

Work location: to be determined

Salary: Negotiable
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