Product Mycotoxins Rapid Test kit

LSY-20086 Fumonisin rapid test kit

Fumonisin rapid test card

Catalogue No.: LSY-20086

1. Brief

This product is used for testing Fumonisin residue in grain and feed. The whole test need about 5 -10min, suitable for on-site rapid qualitative detection. The sensitivity is200ng/ml(200ppb).


1) Fumonisin rapid test card   40 pieces/kit

2) Sample buffer             1 tube

3) Plastic disposable gloves    4 pieces

4) 15 ml centrifuge tube        2 pieces

5) Manual                    1 piece

3. Materials required but not provided

Centrifuge, micropipette

4. Sample preparation of grain and feed

Take above 5g of representative samples of feed and grain (rice, wheat, corn, peanuts) to crush (through a 20-mesh sieve), weigh accurately 2g crushed sample into the 15ml centrifuge tube, add accurately 4ml sample buffer into the 15ml centrifuge tube, shake and mix evenly for 1min, be static for 10min or centrifuge at 4000 rpm for 5min, the up-layer clear liquid is the sample ready to test.

5. Operation procedures

Return the test card, prepared sample or standard into room temperature before testing, do not open the foil bag without preparation.

1) Open the foil bag, take out test card, mark the sample or standard on the test card.  

2) Use dropper absorb 4-5 drops (about 120ul) of up-layer clear liquid, vertically add into “S” well on test card and begin timing. For different sample and standard , please use different dropper and test card.

3) Read the result after 10 minutes, It is invalid beyond 30mins.

6. Test Result Interpretation

6.1 Negative (—):  Both C line andT line appear, the color of T line is darker than or same as C line, it means the Fumonisin concentration is lower than 200ug/kg or no Fumonisin residue.

6.2 Positive (+): The color of T line is lighter than C line or T line is invisible, it means the Fumonisin concentration is higher than 200ug/kg. The lighter of T line compare with C line, the higher concentration of Fumonisin in sample.

6.3 Invalid: C line is invisible, maybe it is the operation error or test card is invalid. Read the manual, use new test card to test again. If the problem keep happening, please stop using this lot no. product and contact local supplier.

7. Precautions

1) Use test card for once during expiry date;

2) Do not use test card out of expiry date, deal with the waste properly;

3) Do not touch the white membrane surface in the middle of test card;

4) Do not repeat use the dropper to avoid cross pollution; .

5) Do not eat any of the reagents;

6) If need to test standard directly, we can provide standard buffer;

7) Contact the supplier for any questions.

8.Storage and expiry date

Storage:  Store at 2-30 ℃ in dark,no frozen. 

Expiry date: 18 months; date of production is on box.

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