Product Mycotoxins Rapid Test kit

LSY-20085 Zearalenone(ZEN) rapid test strip 96T in dipstick format

Zearalenone(ZEN) rapid test strip

Catalog No. LSY-20085

1. Brief

This product is used for testing Zearalenone in grain, feed qualitatively, the whole test procedure only need 10-15min, easy to operate with high sensitivity.

2. Detection limit: 60~1500μg/kg(μg/kg=ppb)

3.Specifications: 8 strips/tube, 12 tubes/box

4. Principle

The Zearalenone(ZEN) rapid test strip is based on competitive inhibition immuno-chromatographic principle. In the flow process, Zearalenone in the sample combined with Zearalenone specific colloidal gold-labeled monoclonal antibody, Inhibit the combination between antibody and ZEN -BSA conjugate on Test line of NC membrane, lead to the color change of Test line.

When the sample has no Zearalenone residue or concentration lower than detection limit, T line is darker than or has same color with C line. when the concentration is equal to or higher than detection limit, T line is lighter than C line obviously or T line is invisible. No matter whether there is Zearalenone residue in sample, C line will appear, it means the test is valid.  

5.Contents: 12 tubes/box, each tube including 8 strips and 8 micro-wells.

Zearalenone test strip


Red powder micro-wells

8 micro-wells/tube


1 piece

Zearalenone sample dilution

1 bottle


6. Reagents and equipment required but not provided

6.1 Electronic balance (precision above 0.01g)

6.2 Pipette (10-100μL, 20-200μL, 100-1000μL, 1-10mL)

6.3 Centrifuge tube (50mL, 4mL, 2mL)

6.4 Ethanol (analytical grade), acetonitrile (analytical grade), pure water

6.5 Vortex meter, centrifuge, timer, etc.

7. Solution preparation

50% ethanol-water solution:50mL ethanol (analytical purity) + 50mL pure water

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