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LSY-20054 Newcastle disease virus(NDV) antibody rapid test card

Newcastle disease virus antibodyrapid testcard

Catalog No. LSY-20054

1. Introduction 

Newcastle disease, also known as the Asian fowl plague, is caused by a virus of chicken and a variety of birds acute highly contagious disease, mainly characterized by difficulty in breathing, diarrhea, nervous disorders, mucosal and serosal bleeding. Because of different pathogenic strains, can be expressed as the severity of the disease vary widely.

This rapid test use competitive method, to detect the antibody against Newcastle disease virus (NDV) inserum of poultry qualitatively. There is pre-coated NDV antigen on test card, NDV antibody in the serum sample will compete with labled NDV antibody on test strip to combine the pre-coated NDV antigen, so when there is no NDV antibody in the serum sample, both T line and C line appear. When there is NDV antibody, only C line appear.

2. Components


NDV Ab test card

40  pieces



40  pieces


NDV Ab sample buffer

1  bottle


Disposable gloves

1  pair



1 piece

3.Test procedure

1) Collect 0.5-1mL whole blood, separate serum (centrifuge at 3000 r/min for 3~5min or separate out naturally at 4℃overnight).

2) Open the package (Return to room temperature firstly if store in cold), take out test card, put it on clean desk flatly.

3) Add 30ul serum into sample well (recommended), or use dropper to absorb the sample, adding 1 drop sample into “S” mark well slowly and vertically.

4) Please wait for 10 minutes.

5) Add 2 drops of NDV Ab sample buffer into sample well.

6) There will be wine-red liquid move along, wait for 10-15 minutes to read the results, the result is invalid after 15 minutes.

4.Results judgment

1) Negative: control line and test line are both seen wine red, it means the HI antibody titers lower than 1:16;

2) Positive:only control line is seen wine red, it means the HI antibody titers higher than 1:32;

3)Invalidation: control line isn’t seen wine red.

5. Notice

1) Do not use test card our of date and in bad package, use it in one hour after open package;

2) If the serum can not be tested immediately, store at 4℃for short time (in 48hours), store at below -20℃for long-tern storage;

3) The serum sample must be clear, if there is any visible particles, centrifuge at 3000r/min for 20 min to discard.

4) Add too much sample will lead to react in advance, then wrong result appear, as same, add too much buffer also lead to wrong result.

5) The valid of the test has no relation with darkness of C line. Only the C line is clean to see, it means the test is valid.

6) The antigen on test card do not have potential biological hazard, but all serum sample should treated as pollutant according to local regulations.

6.Frequently Asked Questions

1) May I use this product to quantitatively antibody concentration?

This test card’s detection threshold is HI 1:32, through dilution of serum in different times, to find the maximum dilution in positive, the antibody titer can be drawn. For example: dilute serum with saline at 1: 2, 1: 4, 1: 8, and detect the three diluted sample, such as 1: 2, 1: 4 were positive, while 1 : 8 negative, then in positive for the maximum dilution is 1: 4, then the final antibody titer of the samples was 25 (1:32) is multiplied by 22(1: 4) equal to 27 (1: 128).

7. Storage and expiry date

Store at 2 - 30ºC and the shelf life is 24 months.

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