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LSY-20029 Infectious bursal disease(IBD) antigen rapid test card

 Infectious Bursal disease(IBD or Gumboro Disease) virus antigen rapid test card 

Catalog no.: LSY-20029


The Infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) antigen test card is based on double antibody sandwich method,use immuno-chromatography technique to detect IBDV antigen in poultry sample.

2. Contents


IBD Ag test card

40 pieces


IBD Sample buffer 



Disposable gloves



Cotton Swab

40 pieces



1 piece

3.  Operation

3.1 Sample preparation

1) Use cotton swabs to take respiratory secretions from the infected poultry's mouth at the early stage of infection.

2) Serum or spleen tissue fragments were taken from patients with severe systemic symptoms.

3) When vaccinated birds become infected, the time for sampling should be delayed by 6-14 days.

3.2Test procedure

1) Open the IBD Sample buffer tube, insert the cotton swab.

2) Stir the swab thoroughly until the sample on the cotton swab dissolves in the sample buffer and discards the swab.

3) Take out test card from sealed bag. Put it on dry surface flatly.

4) Shake and mix the sample buffer tube evenly, then vertical the sample buffer tube, use dropper to draw upper-layer bright liquid, drop 2-3 drops (about 100-120ul) to the sample hole with “S” mark.

5) Read the result in 5-10 minutes, the result is invalid after 30 minutes.

4.Results judgment

1) Negative: only control line is seen wine red;

2) Positive: control line and test line are both seen wine red;

3) Invalidation: control line isn’t seen wine red. The result is invalid, test again.

5. Limitation of the test method

1) The color depth of Test Line related to quantity of test material. When the material is higher, Test line appear, then may the red color become lighter, we suggest dilute the sample for many times before test in this situation, then the red color of Test line will be stable.

2) When Test line appear blurred color, but not clear line, judge as Negative.

3) This kit is a qualitative screening reagent, a clear clinical diagnosis should be made after taking into account all clinical and laboratory phenomenon.


1) Do not use product with broken Aluminum foil bag package, out of date.

2) The sample is from animal, it may have potential infection, sample and the used reagent should be treated as Hazardous microorganisms.

3) Use the test card immediately after open the package, do not open it as wish before use.

4) This product is disposable, do not repeat use. Do not use sample buffer that are not supplied with this product.

7. Storage and expiry date

Specifications: 40T/kit

Storage: Store at 2-30 ℃. Return to room temperature before open the Aluminum foil bags for cold storage. Use the test card in one hour after open the bag.

Expiry date: 18 months; date of production is on box.

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