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LSY-20090-NSP FMD virus nonstructural protein (3ABC) antibody rapid test kit

Foot-and-mouth disease virus nonstructural protein (3ABC) 

antibody rapid test kit

Catalog No. LSY-20090-NSP

1. Principle

This rapid test is an immuno-chromatographic test, using colloidal gold immunoassay method, to detect the antibody against FMD-NSP inwhole blood, serum and plasmaof pig, bovine and goat, suitable for screening of infected animals. After adding sample, thesample move along with thecolloidal gold labeling FMD-NSP antigen, if there is FMD-NSP antibody in the sample, it combines with antigen on T line and show wine-red color; if there is no FMD-NSP antibody, then no color reaction.


2. Components


FMD-3ABC Ab test card

40  pieces



40  pieces


Sample buffer

1  bottle


Disposable gloves

1  bag



1 piece


3.Test procedure

1) Collect whole blood,separate serum (centrifuge at 2000-3000 r/min for 5~15min orseparate out naturally at 4℃overnight)

2) Or take whole blood with anticoagulants as sample. Take whole blood without anticoagulants as sample is also OK, but must test it immediately. 

3) Open the package, take out test card, put it on clean, flat desk.

4)Use dropper to take 10ul (at the scale of the supplied dropper) of serum or whole blood , add them into the well mark“S” at the position above the marked line, then drop 5 drops of sample buffer into the well.

5) Judge the resultat room temperaturein 10-15min, it is invalid beyond15min.


4.Results judgment

1)Positive: control line and test line are both seen wine red;


2)Negative:only control line is seen wine red;


3) Invalidation: control line isn’t seen wine red.



5. Storage and expiry date

Storeat2 - 30ºC and the shelf life is24 months.


6. Notice

1) Do not use test card out of date and bad package;

2) Do not use pure water, running water and normal saline as negative control;

3) Store at roomtemperature (< 30℃) is OK.If store in cool, need return to room temperature firstly, then open package, avoid moisture. Use the test card as soon as possible after open the package.

4) Do not touch the white membrane surface in the middle of test card.

5) To ensure the test quality, take fresh, unpolluted sample. If the serum can not be testedimmediately, store at 4℃for short time (in 48hours), store at below -20℃for long-tern storage.

6) Whole blood without anticoagulants should be tested immediately; if already exist part of cruor,separate serum to test. The whole blood with anticoagulants should be tested in 24hours, do not frozen.Freezing and thawing causes hemolysis of red blood cells rupture, seriously affect the test results.

7) The antibody level is onlyrelated to darkness of T line, norelationwith C line. Only the C line is clear to see, it means the test is valid.

8) Treat the test card and sample as pollutantaccording to local regulations.


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